This Is How Vulnerability Helps You Grow Emotionally


Allowing ourselves to truly experience our emotions is a beautiful thing and is the first step towards becoming a well-rounded and emotionally balanced person.

As simple as it sounds, it’s not common practice. Especially with young people. Somewhere along the way, we were told to plaster on plastic smiles while posing next to a mountain for our profile pictures and pretend that everything was always okay. We were told that we should bury ourselves in the “hustle” or self-medicate with sex and booze until our feelings are stifled to the point we think we don’t need to face them. Yes, dealing with ourselves hurts.

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The 5 Stages Of Realizing He’s Just Not That Into You


We’ve all been there. You meet the seemingly perfect man at somewhere “meaningful” like Whole Foods or OkCupid and now you’ve planned your whole lives together, only to have your perfect fantasy start ripping at the seam. The agony of unrequited like can be quite treacherous so to assure you that you’re not alone, here are the four unavoidable and inevitable stages that we all go through (unless you’re one of the girls that couldn’t care less if a dude likes you or not, which in that case; I salute you strong warrior woman) when we realize; he’s just not that into us.

Stage One: Ignorant Bliss

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Why Being Single In My 20s Was The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me


If you are a 20-something with 10 different dating apps on your phone and a string of broken relationships packed in a bag on your way to the next one, listen up: I was single for 80 percent of my 20s and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I had an abundance of amazing friends, acquaintances and hobbies, but I was the girl who never had a boyfriend.

I’ll spare you the long-winded details, as this post is not meant to be a personal pity party, but it all started in college. I was in a serious relationship from ages 19-22.

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Why You Should Burn Your List Of Qualities You Want In A Perfect Man


Given that Singles Awareness Day is right around the corner, I thought this post would be a transparent look at why so many beautiful, smart and eligible women still find themselves single. Now this isn’t directed toward the women that are single by choice because if that’s the case then go ahead with your bad Beyonce self. This post is for the women who genuinely want to be in a serious and committed relationship but can’t figure out why it isn’t happening for them.

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