Viewing the Law From a Lens of Love

elijah-o-donnell-t8T_yUgCKSM-unsplashTrigger-warning: While I’m not looking to use this article to sway anyone from one political party to another or to plant my flag on any particular issue, it will touch on politics and Jesus so if you’re put off by either, I’d get out now.

With our current polarized state of Facebook rant battles and an increasing demand on people to choose a side, I’ve mostly shyed away from writing politically fueled articles. Because I’m a mature, objective member of humanity who doesn’t stoop as low as the internet trolls? No, because I’m a prideful, people-pleaser like everyone else and care too much about what people think of me. Continue reading “Viewing the Law From a Lens of Love”

What Our Kids Teach Us About God

kelli-mcclintock-wBgAVAGjzFg-unsplashI held my breath as the woman on the other line cleared her throat and began to speak. It was my stepson’s principal calling us about yet another incident of him disrupting his class. What she had to say wasn’t easy to hear, but it was nothing new. For the past few years, our son’s grades, attention span, and respect for authority had been going downhill faster than we could keep up. As she explained how he repeatedly disrespected a teacher and then smirked at the principal when she asked him why he did it, a burst of red hot anger washed over me. How dare he? This kid isn’t a neglected child with no direction. This is a child who has been prayed for, taught the Gospel, regularly taken to church, and affirmed in his talents and standing with Christ throughout his entire life. He is frequently reminded how loved and precious he is to our family and to God. He is the apple of our eye, with every opportunity to thrive and succeed before him. Why doesn’t he see that his rebellion and disrespect only leads to destruction? Why won’t he realize how much his actions are hurting his parents? Does he even care? When I got off the phone and began driving home, I furiously began to mentally construct the lecture I was going to give him when I saw him. As my case against him began to mount, God impressed a simple statement upon my heart that silenced the flame:

“You treat me the same way all the time”

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I Found My Assurance in Cleveland

kilarov-zaneit-ZRFztIxiy3M-unsplashFor as long as I’ve been a Christian, I’ve struggled with my assurance of salvation. As a writer and self-diagnosed chronic over-thinker, traveling down rabbit holes of thought and leaving no stones unturned is seared into my identity. I’ve approached my Christian walk with a similar investigative pragmatism which, when left unchecked, morphs into crippling doubt.

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Confessions of a Conflicted Evangelical During Midterms


The deadline for voter registration in the state of Pennsylvania just passed, and as a resident of Philadelphia, I barely mustered up the emotional energy to click on the registration link. Registration day served as another glaring reminder that I, an otherwise upstanding citizen of this great yet conflicted nation, continue to wrestle with the looming reality of voting. Like for many Christians heading to the polls this November, the decision on who to vote for hasn’t been so black or white. Continue reading “Confessions of a Conflicted Evangelical During Midterms”

If You’re Spiritually Bloated, Pour Out.


Overfed and Fruitless

The struggle to dedicate daily quiet time with Jesus is a common issue among Christians. For most believers juggling jobs, families, and ministries, finding half an hour every morning to feast on the Word, a few minutes to read a Christian article, or a distraction-free commute to play an online sermon can feel like a daunting task. To help alleviate burn out among those in ministry, I frequently heard pastors stress the importance of getting spiritually fed before getting poured out. But I rarely, if ever, heard the inverse of this issue being mentioned, which led me to ponder; is there such a thing as being spiritually overfed?   Continue reading “If You’re Spiritually Bloated, Pour Out.”

Your Identity is in Christ, Not a Relationship Title.

brooke-cagle-170002When it comes to the current state of relationship statuses, we live in a Facebook-fueled era of idolatry. What used to be just single or married has now become: single, in a relationship, engaged, married and everyone’s favorite, it’s complicated. Our relationship statuses, or lack thereof, follow us around like a shadow, eclipsing how we perceive ourselves and how others categorize us. Not only is this prevalent in the world, but it is even present in the church. Continue reading “Your Identity is in Christ, Not a Relationship Title.”

More Than a Feeling: Experiencing the Power of the Holy Spirit

frank-mckenna-269323The perception of power that Christians have is often cultivated by the world before ever walking in the freedom of Christ. The world teaches us that our measure of power is heavily tied to the outcome. Martin Luther King championed civil rights, Gandhi helped win India’s independence and Muhammed Ali was the best boxer of all time, but if you’re looking for the story about the guy who died trying to become the next great inventor, athlete, or blogger, you’re not going to find it. Given how we’ve been so conditioned to perceive what’s powerful, it’s not hard to understand why we feel so powerless as Christians.  Continue reading “More Than a Feeling: Experiencing the Power of the Holy Spirit”

3 Signs You’re in Infatuation, Not Love

photo-1466654813246-3435ccad1b1dIt’s like getting high. To be fair, I’ve never done any hard drugs to know the feeling first hand but I imagine getting high feels like those first few blissful months of a new dating relationship. The nightly conversations that go well into dawn, they’re the first person you think about when you wake up and even their annoying quirks are strangely endearing. The glorification and pursuit of this natural high makes millions of dollars at the box office, earns billions via dating apps and even has it’s own holiday. But before the beautiful, four-letter L word starts forming in your mind, ask yourself – is this love or just infatuation? In most cases, it’s the latter. Continue reading “3 Signs You’re in Infatuation, Not Love”

The 5 Stages of Realizing They’re Not “The One”


We’ve all been there.

You meet a seemingly appropriate man or woman somewhere “meaningful” like at Whole Foods or Bible study. Your “meet-cute” could rival those of mid-1990s romantic comedies.

In the span of a whirlwind romance, you’ve planned your whole life together, only to have your fantasies start ripping at the seam when you realize well, you’re both imperfect human beings and maybe this time, you’re not supposed to work the rest of your lives out alongside one another. Perhaps they were the first to realize it.

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