Viewing the Law From a Lens of Love

elijah-o-donnell-t8T_yUgCKSM-unsplashTrigger-warning: While I’m not looking to use this article to sway anyone from one political party to another or to plant my flag on any particular issue, it will touch on politics and Jesus so if you’re put off by either, I’d get out now.

With our current polarized state of Facebook rant battles and an increasing demand on people to choose a side, I’ve mostly shyed away from writing politically fueled articles. Because I’m a mature, objective member of humanity who doesn’t stoop as low as the internet trolls? No, because I’m a prideful, people-pleaser like everyone else and care too much about what people think of me. Continue reading “Viewing the Law From a Lens of Love”

Confessions of a Conflicted Evangelical During Midterms


The deadline for voter registration in the state of Pennsylvania just passed, and as a resident of Philadelphia, I barely mustered up the emotional energy to click on the registration link. Registration day served as another glaring reminder that I, an otherwise upstanding citizen of this great yet conflicted nation, continue to wrestle with the looming reality of voting. Like for many Christians heading to the polls this November, the decision on who to vote for hasn’t been so black or white. Continue reading “Confessions of a Conflicted Evangelical During Midterms”